Participating Christian Leaders

  • Dr. David Olford

    President of Olford Ministries International (OIM)

  • Dr. John David Smith

    Director of Missions for the  Baptist Missionary Association of America – (BMAA)


    President of Warrior Bride International

  • Dr. John Adams

    Director of The Christian Action Commission for the BMAA

  • Dr. Steve Crawley

    Director of Life Word Ministries

  • Rocky Goodwin

    Director of Evangelistic International Ministries (EIM)

  • Buddy Smith

    Executive Vice President of American Family Association – (AFA)

  • Donnie Parrish

    Director of Student Missions for the BMAA

  • Dave Butts

    President and Founder of Harvest Prayer Ministries

  • Randy Hekman

    National Director of OneCry

  • Sen. Ed Moore

    Founder & President of Prayer Force One