There are 3 steps to enlistment in Revive America Ministries’ Army of Patriotic Prayer Warriors.

Step 1

Believe in the 4 basic truths which provide a foundational framework for the army to function together.

BASIC TRUTH #1 – The Bible is the Word of God!
BASIC TRUTH #2 – Jesus is the Son of God!
BASIC TRUTH #3 – Only through faith in Jesus can anyone become a child of God!
BASIC TRUTH #4 – To please God the child of God must obey the Word of God!

If you wholeheartedly agree with these four foundational truths, then you would make a good soldier and are encouraged to unite with us and petition our prayer hearing, prayer answering God to send revival to America.

Step 2

Accept the challenge to pray daily for God to send a nation changing revival to America.

  • SAMPLE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, please send America a nation changing revival in which tens of millions of Americans get saved.  Send great Holy Spirit conviction and turn this nation back to God for Your honor and Your glory in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.

Step 3

Join The Ranks