This past Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day. A Christian father is a blessing. God has given fathers a great responsibility as the leader of the home. They protect, provide, give guidance and most importantly love their families. A good father deserves to be celebrated. Sadly, we live in a fallen world where not everyone has a good earthly father. Some have fathers who are not involved in their lives at all and others have fathers that ignore or abuse them. That is result of sin in the world.

God is the perfect example of what a good earthly father should be. He protects us in ways we may not see. He provides for our needs. He gives guidance through the Holy Spirit and most of all he loves us so much that he sent his own Son to the cross to die for us.

If you have a good earthly father, be thankful for such a blessing. Maybe you have an uncle or a coach, teacher or minister that has been a father figure to you. Thank them for investing in you. If you do not have any of these, you have a heavenly Father who wants to provide for all of your needs. All you have to do is call on Him.