Is anybody else feeling like me? I am overwhelmed by the amount of information/ misinformation being spread every day. We get it from the news. We get it from social media. And so much of what we get is conflicting. It’s very difficult to know what or who to believe. So, what can or should we do? We can “speak the truth in love”. This comes with two distinct parts. The first part is to speak the truth. Truth, not opinion and not hearsay. If you don’t know something to be true, don’t say it or share it. The second part is to do it in love. This is equally as important. It means to speak out of love and concern for one another, not out of a wish to condemn or to “be right”. While we’re at it, why not seek to encourage one another instead of tearing each other down. We know what the overall struggles the world is facing are but we never know what individual, personal struggles people may be facing. Before you speak, type or hit share; ask yourself, “Is this really helpful or am I just wanting my opinion to be heard?” If we really want to share the truth with people, we need to be sharing Jesus. He is truth.

Besides being careful in what we say and share. We also need to be careful what we hear. Do you remember the song we used to sing when we were kids, “Be careful little ears what you hear.”?  Make sure that you are getting your information from trustworthy sources. In every situation, the best way we can respond is to seek the Truth in His word and in prayer. And let me leave you with one last thing to remember, God is still and will always be in control. That’s the truth.