Paul’s ministry didn’t stop when he was on house arrest. He used this time to write four very important letters. One was to believers in Ephesus to encourage them in how blessed and rich they are in Christ. Another was to the believers at Philippi to thank them for their help in his time of need and encourage and instruct them in Christian unity. A third letter was to the church at Colosse. In this letter, he spoke about the Christ of the church. Now the fourth letter was not to a group as the others were but to an individual, Philemon. He wrote to Philemon on behalf of one of his slaves and asked that he receive him back as he would receive Paul himself, as a beloved brother. There is a lady that I know who became very sick in her 30’s. She came to find out that she has a very rare disease that was progressively debilitating to her. For over 10 years now, she has been bound to a hospital bed in her home. She is fed by a feeding tube. She only gets out for doctor’s visits. She has been unable to attend church for many years but she watches online services every week. She is unable to attend weddings or births of children or funerals, but she sends cards of congratulations and sympathy to those celebrating these milestones. She is a prayer warrior. She shares encouraging scriptures via social media. She has not allowed her circumstances to stop her ministry. No matter where you are or what conditions you find yourself in, God can use you. He can use you just like He used Paul and just like He is using this lady I mentioned above. Serve God wherever you are.