How awesome would it have been to have lived in a time when God spoke directly and audibly to people? There have been many times over my life that I wished God would speak to me that way. See, I believe that God walked and spoke with Adam and Eve. I believe that He spoke to Moses from a burning bush. I believe every instance in the Bible where God spoke to people. I can’t imagine what that would have been like. What a gift!

 Here’s the thing, God still speaks today. He just doesn’t speak audibly. If we study His word, the Bible, we will find the answers to all of our questions. If we commit scripture to our hearts, God (the Holy Spirit) will bring just what we need to our minds at just the right time. This is why a quiet time each day is so important. We can read His word, talk with Him and then we may just need to be quiet and listen, to block out all the noise. God also may choose to speak to us through the preaching of His word or through the words of a song or group Bible study or even from unexpected places such as a conversation with a friend or a chance encounter. 

I know that God still speaks and I know He will speak to me if I study His word, pray to Him and listen.