At Revive America Ministries, we ask fellow believers to join us in saying the RAM Prayer. “Heavenly
Father, please have mercy on America and send us a nation-changing revival in which tens of millions of
Americans get saved.” Revival means to “bring to life”. An unsaved person is spiritually dead. They are in
need of life that only comes through Jesus. The lost people in the world need our prayers.
In order to be revived, though, something must be dead or dying that was once alive. Do you remember
the old hymn that says, “Lord send a revival, and let it begin in me.”? In Psalm 119, the word ‘revive’
repeats over and over. The psalmist is asking to be revived. So, why would a person who is already “alive
in Christ” ask to be made alive again? Sometimes, we as Christians can go through periods where we
feel like we’re almost sleep walking through life. It can feel as though we’re not fully awake, or alive. We
need to be revived. We need to read God’s word to us. We need to pray. We need to worship. Then,

God can use us to reach the lost and dying world and bring about revival.