I am pretty frugal, some might say “cheap”. I very rarely pay full price for things. Any time someone tells me about some great new thing they’ve bought, new restaurant they’ve tried or new place they’ve been that they think I need to try; I start wondering, “how much will this cost?”

A lot of people use this same mindset when someone tells them about Jesus and asks them to give their lives over to Him and follow Him. They think, “well, Christianity sounds good, but what will it cost me?’ It does cost something. You no longer live for yourself and your own selfish desires, but for God and His plan and purpose for you. You may have to give up some habits that wouldn’t be pleasing to Him. You will have to give up time to read the word, pray and worship. You may even have to give up some toxic relationships. The great thing is, though, that God’s plan for us is so much better than any we could come up with for ourselves. His plan brings peace and comfort in hard times. His plan brings forgiveness and restoration. His plan allows us to live forever with Him in heaven one day.

The more important question you should be asking yourself is, “What will it cost me not to follow Jesus?” This life is hard. I can’t imagine living it without the hope and peace that comes from knowing God. We all will live forever somewhere when our time on this earth is over. The cost of rejecting Him is just too great. I pray that you weigh the cost and make the right choice. He is ready to embrace you today if you will let Him.