Psalm 3:5,”In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”

When do you sit down and have quiet time with the Lord? Is it in the morning when you wake up? Is it in the car on the way to work? Is it at night before you go to sleep?  We all have a specific time that we designate to talk to God, and it does not matter where we talk to God.

Prayer is very important to our relationship with Christ. We use prayer to grow spiritually and cultivate that relationship. If we were to be silent all of the time, how would we expect to communicate?  Our prayers show God our dedication to him.  We wait patiently for His answers to our prayers because they don’t always happen overnight.  God may want us to learn patience or be more understanding.

Do you often find yourself praying for God to grant things to you?  We pray to Him a lot when we are in trouble or burdened.  We need to remember to pray to him to rejoice as well.  When we get that promotion we prayed for daily; do we praise Him for allowing us to get it?  Remember during your quiet time to praise God for the wonderful blessings He gives us!