As we approach the New Year, many people will begin to formulate “new year’s resolutions”. A resolution is defined as, “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Some may decide to cut back on their spending or their eating. Some may decide to start going to the gym to get into better shape. Some may decide to quit a bad habit. 

One resolution that I believe every Christian should have is to grow closer to God with each coming year. Can you look back on 2018 and say, I have grown closer to God this year? Whether you have or have not, you can make that a resolution for 2019. 

There are several ways that you can work on growing closer to God.

  1. Daily Bible reading and Bible study. Meditate on the Word.

  2. Constant prayer and communication with the Father.

  3. Church attendance and worship. Attendance alone will not be enough. Participate in worship.

  4. Sharing your faith with others. Practicing the great commission.

Many people will have given up on their resolutions by February, but a closer relationship with our Lord is a decision worth staying firm on. No other decision you make will be more beneficial. Happy 2019!