Okay, I know what you’re thinking; “April showers bring May flowers?”-that topic is cliché. What does this even have to do with a ministry about Revival in America?   Actually, it has quite a lot to do with it, thank you very much.   Just bear with me for a moment.

Imagine if this was completely literal.  You sit through a week of awful storms, having to tote your umbrella wherever you go or become completely drenched without it.  You rely on that umbrella to keep you warm and dry during the storms, or you, of course, take shelter in the comfort of your home or office building.  The next week the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are fluttering in the sky.  You feel like you are in a fairytale world and thank the rain for finally leaving.

Have you ever thought about how the trials and tribulations in our lives sometimes bring blessings?  God is your umbrella and shelter throughout these difficult times.  He is there watching over you constantly whispering, “Everything will be okay, my child.”

Most of us are familiar with the poem about the person dreaming about walking along the beach with God.  Looking back, the person notices that when they have had hard times in life, they see only one set of footprints in the sand. However, during the happy times there are two sets of prints.  God explains that he never forsakes his followers; he carries us through those tribulations instead.

We may be too caught up in the showers that we miss the flowers that come shortly after.  If our prayers aren’t answered right away, we may become angry or disappointed instead of thinking that maybe God has answered our prayer in a different way. 

America is full of sin and sinful people.  Revival is coming, but we just have to wait for the storm of life to pass through.  Pray for our nation daily for this revival. Even during the “showers” of life, God is watching over us.