Following the Lord's command to "go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) sometimes takes a pastor from Mississippi all the way to Africa. That's exactly where Bro. Cline went in November with fellow Pastors Robert Gunnels, Danny Bullock, and Jason Goodwin. 
Tanzania is located on the southeast coast of Africa and borders Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, DR Congo, Zambia, and the Indian Ocean. With approximately 225,000 residents, Tabora is a relatively small municipality in the northern part of the country. Within Tabora, Christian pastors need Biblical teaching and guidance, so the mission team spent five and a half days there teaching and preaching God's Word.
Each of the four team members taught for two hours each day providing a total of eight hours of Biblical teaching to area pastors daily for five full days. They were able to teach, preach, and minister to the pastors' families and others in the area including the widow of a recently deceased pastor and her four children. 
At Ephesus Church in Tabora, seven people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ following a Sunday morning service where Bro. Cline was able to preach the gospel to about 120 people. God abundantly blessed the mission team, pastors, and many others through this trip. We trust in God's faithfulness to increase the seeds sewn in Tanzania so that many others may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.