Years ago, after returning home from a trip to the United States, a tourist said, “America has the soul of a church.”   What would that same tourist say today?  What kind of soul do you think America has today?  Just from watching the evening news and regular nightly television programing I would say America's soul is sin sick!  The important question is what does the Sovereign of the Nations say about the soul of our nation!  

From studying His word, I know that America is ripe for judgment.  What can be done to save us?  God says His people must call upon Him.  Not only is the soul of America sick, in general, the soul of the church in America is sick.  When whole denominations who once built universities to train preachers to preach the word of God, now do not believe the Bible is the word of God, the church is sick.  When churches promote what the Bible says is wrong and condemn what the Bible says is right the church is sick.  Abominably sick according to Proverbs 17:15. 

Is there any hope for America?  Our hope is in the mercy of God.  Those Americans who truly know God must become desperate for a revival of  the Church in America.  The revived church, no matter how few, must then become desperate for a nation changing revival.

That is why, in obedience to God, we have formed this ministry to aid in recruiting a Prayer Army of Patriotic Christians who will plead with God for a National Revival.  Oh, that the day may come, when  it again could be said of America, “she has the soul of a church.”

This is a short form of our humble prayer:  “Heavenly Father, please have mercy on America, and send us a nation changing revival in which tens of millions of Americans get saved.  In Jesus name we pray.Amen.”

If you are a God fearing American who knows Jesus as your personal Savior, and you are concerned about the moral condition of our nation please join with us in praying for our nation. It cost no money. It is easy to join the prayer army.  Just fill out the information on our web page or like our FB page at and you will be added to our prayer army of over 1800 prayer warriors in 37 different states

God bless you,

R.D. Cline

Director, Revive America Ministries