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Announcement of the Passing of Bro. R.D. Cline

Revive America Ministries was inspired by a sermon Bro. RD Cline preached titled "Revival: America's Greatest Need." Bro. Cline knew the most important event in a person's life was to be saved by Jesus Christ. His prayer and vision was to see a revival in which tens of millions of Americans were saved. Through means of technology, he was able to build an Army of over 3,890 Prayer Warriors from all across America to join him in this prayer.

Bro. Cline passed away August 6, 2020, serving our Lord as director of Revive America Ministries and pastor of New Hope Baptist church. At this time, we ask that no more memorials be given to Revive America Ministries. Please join us in praying for guidance and direction through this transition.


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