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Change Your Perspective in 2017

If you have been holding onto a grudge or have hatred towards anyone, 2017 can be the year you decide to let go. Forgiveness can be a difficult task for almost all of us. However, we are only hurting ourselves as we dwell over our animosity for one reason or another. Many of us experience a burden caused by our inability to forgive.
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The Best Gift of All

During the Christmas season, many of us rush around trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Some fight the crowds as early as Black Friday to try to get the best deals. Sales appear everywhere and we flock to them with added coupons and our many cups of coffee to help us push through. Some of us would rather stay at home, so we scour the internet for all of our presents and hope they are just as awesome in person as they are online.
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15 Bible Passages that Encourage Us to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is drawing near, and before we know it, we will be celebrating the special day with family and friends. Here are some wonderful Bible passages that will give you an extra boost this holiday season. Please take a moment to read over these verses that highlight being thankful and share them with your loved ones on November 24th.