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"A Statement around the State Capitol"

As we all know, November 8th is Election Day. Many Christians are unsure how to vote in this election. On November 7th, there will be A STATEMENT around the STATE Capitol where non-partisan groups of Mississippi believers will gather. Believers will be able to pray for the decision Americans must make and to pray for guidance to whoever wins the election. This event will start around noon until 12:30. Prayer groups will crowd the sidewalk perimeter as Christians pray that the Lord Jesus will come and meet with them and give them direction.
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Years ago, after returning home from a trip to the United States, a tourist said, “America has the soul of a church.” What would that same tourist say today? What kind of soul do you think America has today? Just from watching the evening news and regular nightly television programing I would say America's soul is sin sick! The important question is what does the Sovereign of the Nations say about the soul of our nation!